Welcome to Primavera Fitness

Welcome to Primavera Fitness. We specialise in fitness fashion; Ideal for your yoga exercise, the gym and dance class. Our products are so versatile that you won’t feel like taking them off! Instead you’ll wear your leggings from the gym to work. And you’re fully able to do so as our dry-fit material keeps you feeling comfortable.
Our special collections range from animal prints to psychedelic digital patterned prints. We specialise in Jumpsuits (sometimes known as onesies), leggings, Capri pants (three-quarter leggings) gym tops, shorts, skirts, skirt-shorts, crop tops, t-bag shirts, jumpsuit-dresses. Collections are tailored for style, durability and comfort, using performance enhancing fabrics such as Santa Constancia Supplex -a Dry-fit advanced technological fabric which shapes the body with greater firmness, giving greater support during exercise. Soft to touch, our collections are associated with comfort, colour and innovative designs.

Our fitness jumpsuits are very popular and sell out fast. However, we always add to our collections allowing you to get the latest patterned leggings and themed jumpsuits. Our design team stays faithful to Brazilian cultural connection drawing influences from nature, the Sun, Sea and all things fun and beautiful. From our basic range to our special collections, we produce garments you’ll be proud to wear.

The Primavera Fitness style is designed with the ultimate aim of instilling confidence not only to perform at the gym or your yoga class but to perform in your daily life. With our international distribution network, we have brought comfort, confidence, colour and style to women across the world- that’s the Primavera Fitness way!

Whatever your chosen activity we have something for you.

Thanks for choosing Primavera Fitness – bringing a spectrum of colour in performance enhancing fabrics to fitness fashion.